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GREATBRITAIN: Software Engineer

Date: _01-Jun-2017_
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Software Engineer

You will be working in a team-oriented environment developing high-level, high-performance software models of IP titles and integrating these in complete virtual prototypes representing complex systems. As part of this activity you will also develop embedded software which will execute on the virtual prototype and exercise your model. In some cases, you will bring up OS drivers for your model and ensure that these work correctly in the virtual environment.

Preferred Experience

To be considered for this position you will have a BS or MS Computer Science / Electronics and around 2 years’ relevant work experience (but all applications will be assessed on their merit). We are looking for people with excellent programming skills and direct experience of using C and C++ in a product development environment.

Since you will be developing models of real hardware devices, hardware knowledge and the ability to interpret hardware device specifications will be a very strong advantage. Obviously, any previous experience in developing transaction-level models using SystemC would be great but we don't consider this essential as training will be provided by our very experienced team.

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