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US: Software Architect

Date: _07-Aug-2016_
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Software Architect

Define, document, and communicate the software architecture Ensure all software project team is using it correctly Make sure the software and system architectures are in synchronization Make sure that the architecture is not only the right one for operations, but also for deployment and sustainment and only as complex as it needs to be in order to meet the system requirements and architecture. Resolve disputes and make trade-offs and resolve technical problems Provide high level guidance and direction on project work, making sure that new application projects fit in with an overall software architecture and strategic vision Promote maximum allowable reuse of software architecture and components of the software architecture Participate in product line platform selection and system architecture definition.

Knowledge and Education

Masters’ degree in Computer Engineering / Software Engineering / Computer Science or equivalent

Specialist: Excellent

knowledge of product development engineering practices in automotive field knowledge of embedded software development in C/C++ for 16 bit and 32 bit micro-controllers including application and low level drivers for multiple micro-controllers such as PPC microcontrollers, ARM Core, or DSP Software Architect Competent in the core frameworks used and must have a strong knowledge of the problem domain that their systems are meant to provide solutions for. Academic or practical experience is definition and design of software architectures for automotive projects. Ambassador between software engineering teams and system architects, and product lines

working knowledge in structured engineering approach

working knowledge in development of portable, reusable and modular software in automotive environment.

experience in using a disciplined software development process based on ASPICE or CMMi process model

working knowledge of configuration management (preferably PTC/MKS), project monitoring and control techniques

troubleshooting and debugging skills

knowledge of structured problem solving (8D) methods and/or techniques

Work Experience

Senior: 8+ years’ relevant experience regarding the Responsibility / Activities (listed above) in serial development. Automotive electronic (mandatory).

Specialist: 15+ years’ relevant experience regarding the Responsibility / Activities (listed above) in serial development. Automotive electronic (mandatory).

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