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US-SC-WestUnion: Principal IT Solutions Architect Job

Date: _18-Jul-2016_
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Principal IT Solutions Architect Job

Responsible for ensuring technical designs and requirements are mapped appropriately for the desired service need. Works in collaboration with IT Delivery, Computing Services, IT Security, IT Customer Services, and third-party services to ensure satisfactory solutions for customers. Defines roadmaps for IT services. - Define and manage the IT Service catalog and standards with business drivers including: Cost, Service Level Agreement (SLA), and KPIs to measure the service. Establishes consistent methods to publish performance of services. - Research and remain current on technology trends to be incorporated in service options and roadmaps, including third-party service options used to establish services. - Develop initial guidelines and support structures to ensure the service and assets are properly managed and maintained. - Establish and maintain consistent output of IT services based on defined KPIs. Display service performance as dashboards to be reviewed with business owners. - Define and manage a lifecycle process to maintain strategy and roadmaps for IT Services to include: new services, upgrades, replacements. - Participate in training design, documentation, and delivery efforts as needed. - Manage relationships with third-party partners to establish defined services, including compliance, partner performance reviews, and contract negotiations.

Experience: This position requires a minimum of 12+ years of related experience: Post-graduate coursework may be required

Education: Bachelor's degree in related field or equivalent experience.

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