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US: Senior Software Engineer

Date: _11-May-2015_
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Senior Software Engineer

In this position, your responsibilities will include (but not limited to): -Understand software architecture of the product. -Design, develop and sustain HPC innovative RAS and System Management and Overlay network software (to work on ~100K compute nodes). -Implement reliability of message communication; add pub-sub like features. -Create high/ low level design documents, unit/ integration test plans and test code -Participate as well as drive design and code reviews. Collaborate with architects on architecture and design definitions. -Collaborate with other senior technical leads as well as drive projects and deliverables independently -Become adept in Agile software development practices, and team processes based upon Scrum

Qualifications You must possess the minimum qualifications to be initially considered for this position. Experience would be obtained through your prior work, educational level research and/ or relevant job experiences.

Minimum Qualifications: - BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent, with 4+ years of experience, a MS degree in Computer Science or equivalent, with at least 2+ years of experience, or a PhD, with experience, in aspects of supercomputer system management and RAS software development. -2 or more years of experience in coding aspects of system management & RAS systems. -2 or more years of experience working with HPC (and or cloud) Software -2+ years Experience in programming C/C++ on Linux.

Additional Preferred Qualifications (any one or more): -Experience writing and debugging systems software on extreme-scale HPC systems. -Experience on message bus protocol (AMQP, ZeroQP) -Experience on overlay network and topologies (i.e. MrNet, EvPath ) -Experience in TCP/IP, socket programming. -Experience in parallel programming open MPI.

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