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US-MA-Cambridge: Software Development Engineer

Date: _20-Oct-2014_
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Software Development Engineer

Qualifications: Education: Bachelors or Masters in Software Engineering, Computer Programming, Computer Science Minimum of 4+ years experience in software design and development.

Required Skills: 3+ Years of experience and proficiency in: - Android - Java - HTML5

Requirements: • 2 yrs Experience with Android SDK • Solid understanding of object oriented (OOD / OOP) and Java development • Strong understanding of smartphone technologies (preferably Android), limitations, and platform specific differences and quirks • JAVA GUI design (user controls, graphing, etc) • Android serial communications • 2+ yrs prior software engineering experience strongly desired • Comfortable in an agile environment • Comfortable with code reviews and peer programming • Excellent communication skills • we’re looking for people can work independently and deliver high-quality JAVA code in a timely manner across a variety of project engagements. Candidates are expected to participate in multiple phases of projects, including requirements gathering, software design, development and testing. They must be proficient with JAVA and object-oriented programming, including software design and design patterns. • Candidate must be proficient with standard Java development tools (open source frameworks) build tools and popular IDEs such as Eclipse, as well as unit testing and logging frameworks. • Completed at least three full professional software engineering projects across multiple platforms • Have core Java (JDK 1.5+) expertise and Android SDK • Expert in object-oriented programming concepts • Proficiency with software design fundamentals and design patterns • Proficiency with web languages, including HTML and JavaScript • Proficiency with at least one IDE (Eclipse, Android SDK) • Experience with at least one Java templating language (JSP or Velocity) • Proficiency in unit testing • Experience in different development environments (Agile, Waterfall, etc.) • Experience with alternate scripting languages (Perl, PHP, Groovy, Ruby, etc.) • Experience with mobile platforms (Android) • Familiarity with source control concepts (Subversion or Git) • Ability to collaborate with firmware and PCB development teams. • Require proficiency in C programming language. Proficiency in scripting languages. • Proficiency with Android, Labview; JAVA; Matlab; Simulink Requires working knowledge with Windows or other compatible operating systems. • Ability to work with software/firmware engineers to support development of diagnostic and device driver software. • Experience with GUI development kits and JAVA SDK is required

Responsibilities: • Deliver high-quality JAVA/Android code and documentation in a timely manner with little supervision • Accurately report issues and status to project management • Participate in technical requirements gathering, design and testing • Contribute to the Digital Services Platform roadmap • Work with the Support Team on Critical Issues

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