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US: Software Systems Engineer

Date: _22-Sep-2014_
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Software Systems Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities: Provide Subject Matter Expertise to post production software maintenance and requirements. Interact with system users to translate their requirements into systems, hardware, and software requirements and design. Participate in the development of test strategies. Recommend and execute solutions to solve engineering problems the functional area to which assigned. Provide Subject Matter Expertise in the development of technical requirements for software development; execute work plans, schedules, and controls for software evaluation practices/procedures to support both fielded systems software and the development of new software requirements implementation Use software development evaluation techniques to verify user requirements for the various Fire support systems. Effectively manage requirements tracking databases to ensure all Software development is traceable and valid throughout the software development life cycle process and fielding. Assist in the development of operational scenarios to verify the Fire Support C2 Systems interoperability and performance with other Battle Command Systems. Communicate the current status of the software development life cycle process to internal representatives


Basic Qualifications:

1. Must possess a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Electronics Engineering or other Engineering or Technical discipline. 2. Must have at least 2 years of experience in software development. 3. Must have knowledge or familiarity with Microsoft Access database development and Excel spreadsheets. 4. Must have a SECRET security clearance.

5. Must have effective verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills 6. Must have experience identifying critical path efforts 7. Must be a US citizen 8. Must possess or be able to obtain a valid US passport

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