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US-MA-Boston: Lead Software Engineer

Date: _11-Feb-2014_
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Technology, Software Development

A passion for technology and developing great software.

7-10+ years of solid application development with a successful stretch or two as a team lead. We'd really like you to have Python, MySQL, Java and JavaScript… but we've been known to cut people some slack if the rest of their experience is awesome.

A firm grasp on fundamental computer science principals -- SOA, queues, concurrency and a hundred other things that great developers care about.

A deep understanding of data structures and algorithms. Deep... as in you don't just know the textbook definition but you can explain how they work and when to use them. With examples.

A broad knowledge of the web and how it works. Seriously. We're not looking for you to develop an entire web application by yourself, but you need to have a basic understanding of how the full stack works from the browser to the database and back.

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