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US-CA-SANJOSE: Software Engineer

Date: _16-Aug-2013_
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Software Engineer Proactive attitude, with excellent communication skills - Java expertise (7-10 years) - Intense database architecture and management experience for large scale, highly available systems - Experience architecting and developing high-performance, scalable Web applications - Experience with Java server technologies - Ability to independently architect and develop software modules - Extensive experience in object oriented programming - Knowledge of web front-end technologies: (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, CUES) - Extensive experience with at least one of the following areas: databases, reporting/business intelligence, web backend/frontend technologies - Experienced in web-based product architecture/design

- Server-side and client-side software design and development in Java - Full support of the development lifecyle for the application: requirements, design, test, deployment and end-user support

- Ability to create and track to scheduled commitments

- Programming experience is required in: Java 1.6x SE, Glassfish 3.0.1 (build 22) MySQL 5.1.30 jndi or c3p0 Spring2.5 for Dependency Injection (D.I.) and link to Hibernate (HibernateTemplate) Spring 2.5 D.I. for Security (Authentication) and Schedule (Quartz) Hibernate 3.2 for ORM (Object Relation Manager and HQL (Hibernate Query Language) Struts2 User Interface: CUES 6.2 (JSP + Charts), Dojo 1.4 (Javascript), Combo of JSP plus Struts, Tiles

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