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Germany-Baden-Württemberg : Software Engineer

Date: _11-Jul-2013_
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Software Engineer

* Requires a good working knowledge of information systems and applications * Pursues ongoing education in technical topics * Good business communication skills * Provides technical guidance and leadership to engineers with less experience * Must be able to interpret specifications, troubleshoot and create software solutions * Detail oriented and organized; able to understand information systems and ensure accuracy of work * Microsoft .Net framework (primarily C# and VB.Net) * UI/UX design * ASP.Net Web Forms (legacy support) * ASP.Net MVC (and associated patterns such as MVVM, service pattern, Unit of Work, etc.) * Ajax methodology * Javascript * Javascript libraries such as jQuery, knockout.js, node.js, etc * WCF and Web Service development * Desktop application development using Windows Forms or WPF-based platforms, as well as Windows service development preferred * Microsoft SQL Server design and development

* Entity Framework experience preferred * SharePoint development preferred * 6-8 years software engineering experience

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