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US-WA-Renton: Sr. Software Developer - C++

Date: _10-Jul-2013_
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Sr. Software Developer - C++

The Senior Software Developer will design, document, construct and unit test software solutions to support Magic Online growth and stability. The position will assist other developers is achieving excellence in software development practices and implementation. The senior software developer will lead small development teams on a project by project basis.

- Develops functional specifications based on vision and scope provided by the Development Manager, both alone and in conjunction with other developers and the MOL Architect. - Designs and implements solutions for Magic Online’s identified architectural defects and program needs. - Implements functional specifications on targeted platform and languages. - Performs literate programming, using adequate commenting and documentation tools. - Adopts industry standard and team-specific coding practices. - Provides reasonable estimates of time and materials required to complete vision and scope goals outlined by Development Manager. - Mentors and guides junior-level team members to improve in quality and effectiveness. - Performs code and architectural reviews. - Potentially leads a team of 3-4 developers during projects. - Designs and implements unit tests. - Ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people.

- Must be effective in developing software solutions for multi-tier client/server architecture. - 8-10 years working with C++ at a senior level required. - 8-10 years experience working with multi-threaded libraries. - 8-10 years object-oriented design experience. - 8-10 years working with build tools such as make. - 5-10 years of experience developing code on Linux/Unix. - 3-5 years working with C# and the .NET Framework. - 3-5 years working with source control system such as CVS or Perforce. - SQL Server experience desired.

- Baccalaureate degree in computer science or equivalent experience.

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