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US: NET Software Engineers

Date: _13-Jun-2013_
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NET Software Engineers

* Utilize object oriented design, development, and debugging skills to implement web applications that retrieve, transport, and deliver sensitive customer data to a centralized, secure data repository. * Work with individual product teams and review product data dictionaries to develop a comprehensive understanding of the RescueNet enterprise data set. Develop a database model that incorporates reportable data elements from the various product databases and resolves inconsistencies in data treatment across product lines. * Work with development team to create a user-friendly, web-based application to support business intelligence functions.

* Follow engineering best practices in a team environment to develop high quality products. * Utilize organizational process control systems. * Collaboratively participate in team meetings as necessary.

* 3+ years of experience in a professional MS SQL/.NET environment OR Associates or Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science * Strong business acumen - able to understand the business problems that our technology is created to solve * Demonstrated ability to effectively implement web services, .NET and database applications * Strong acumen for database design and optimization * Proficiency with ASP.NET, Fluent in Object-Oriented Programming with C#. * Proficiency with WCF, MVC3, JavaScript, XML, T-SQL, MS-SQL Server, SOAP, REST.

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