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US-WA-Vancouver: Software Programmer

Date: _06-Jun-2013_
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Software Programmer

* Attend and participate in team meetings (design, iteration planning, stand-up, etc…) * Analyze, estimate, test, code, and deploy application/system changes * Apply existing standards, procedures and practices as appropriate

* Undergraduate College degree – Computer Technology or related field * 10+ years of experience in software development * Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite of products, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, to include Microsoft Office 2010 * Experience with multiple programming languages

* Experience with any or all of the following is desired * Adobe Flex applications * Actionscript * Cairngorm Framework * Source Control Systems (preferably Subversion) * C# .NET * Java * CSS * JavaScript * Rails 3.0

* Experience working in Agile development team (preferably XP based) * System Administration experience * Knowledge of Agile development methodologies/practices * Ability to troubleshoot and resolve performance problems at various layers of a system (application, database, server, network, etc…). * Strong ability to quickly become familiar with existing systems and codebases * Ability to quickly learn programming languages and technologies * Excellent verbal and written communication skills * Ability to effectively translate between business and technical experts * Good documentation skills * Meet timelines, milestones and project expectations

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