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Date: _25-MarUS--2013_
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Design, develop, test, document, and install software for communications applications, including radio direction finding, signal acquisition, signal processing and electronic warfare programs, automated data analysis and graphical data visualization; support database design, architecture, application development and performance tuning for medium and large datasets;

software development work includes all aspects of requirements analysis and applications development, including graphical user interfaces, hardware control, data management, documentation, peer reviews, unit testing;

Requires a BS degree in Computer Science with at least a 3.3 GPA and must have a minimum of 2 years of database and software development.

Must have leadership capability for and working knowledge of software development processes including analysis of software requirements, application design and coding, unit and integration testing, and software documentation with an emphasis on signal and data analysis and visualization and database management;

Must have working knowledge of C++ and SQL is required; experience in JAVA and Web based development, database architecture/application development is highly desirable - development may include Windows, Linux or other operating systems as well as ORACLE and MS SQLServer database management systems;

Familiarity with signal processing, large data management, and/or Object Oriented distributed applications is highly desired;

Excellent technically oriented verbal and written communications skills are required.

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