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US-CA-Sunnyvale: Java or C Software Engineer

Date: _13-Nov-2012_
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Java or C Software Engineer

* Design and develop sophisticated multi-system solutions using the simplest way. * Learn and grow yourself on daily basis under an agile process. * Following the industrial trend of mobile platforms as well as high availability/scalability server systems and adapt accordingly. * Troubleshooting complicated system level problems using all your knowledge of operation system, network programming and others tools.

* Have a very good mastering of Java or C/C++ programming language, including data structures and algorithms. * Love programming and feel satisfied when the code is well organized. * Have some idea about software engineering like source control, unit test, build etc. .

* Play with smart phones (android/ios/windows), hack them and gain root privilege. * Experience with network programming, heard about or use one of the following: wireshark/ethereal/tcpdump, can use wget/curl. * Know web technologies like HTML/CSS/Javascript, HTTP(s) protocols, web/application servers. * Have some Unix-like system experience like Linux/Mac. * Have database knowledge.

* Usually Bachelor's degree is required

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