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US: Senior Software Developer

Date: _09-Oct-2012_
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* Work individually and as part of a team designing, developing, testing, documenting and maintaining software in support of Alterianís leading edge range of database and data analysis software * Learning cutting edge technologies and developing new ways of unlocking the knowledge contained within our social media warehouse * Working on complex distributed systems * Providing technical guidance and support to our Help Desk

* Working in an Agile / Scrum environment to deliver high quality software against an aggressive schedule

∑ Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science or a related field ∑ Solid grounding in computer science fundamentals ∑ At least 4 years of experience with C# and the .NET framework ∑ And at least 5 years in a similar role ∑ Excellent technical communication with technical and non-technical co-workers ∑ Extensive knowledge of SQL and relational databases ∑ Excellent English verbal and written skills ∑ The ability to work on multiple tasks, prioritizing and organizing these tasks to maximize productivity ∑ The ability to take raw product requirements and develop software architectures and designs to bring them to life. Personal skills and experience Essential ∑ Self-motivated and flexible in terms of meeting the demands of a varied and demanding role ∑ Passion for development and software in general, huge plus if you can point us to your github or stackoverflow account or various side projects Qualifications and pre-requisite Essential ∑

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