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US-Maryland-Columbia: Web Developer

Date: _09-Aug-2012_
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Web Developer

* Determine and document user requirements

* Create and review task designs

* Implement projects according to design

* Test development code

* Schedule and track time spent on projects and other tasks

* Investigate bugs and determine appropriate fixes

* Peer review code

* Collaborate and provide technical assistance to others

* Complete professional development task

* Provide assistance for documentation

* Perform competitive analysis when necessary

* Other duties as assigned

* A minimum of 60 college credits in the computer science or related field is required.

* BS in computer science or related field preferred

* 2-5 years of experience preferred.

Skills Required:

* Experience with HTML, CGI and Web browsers

* Technical knowledge of servers and operating systems

* Working knowledge of database query languages

* Development skills with one or more authoring tools

* The ability to develop/write scripts in one or more languages such as JAVA, PHP, Python, and C++

* Experience with web application frameworks such as Django or an equivalent

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