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US-Troy-Michigan: Internship Business Web applications

Date: _01-Jun-2012_
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Internship Business Web applications

Are you looking for an internship that allows you to use your ideas and creativeness to make a difference? This internship will allow the employee to use state of the art software to devise a system that will be utilized throughout the company.

In this role, you will be working on the technical database and business application; In close contact with the engineering, purchasing teams and their managers, you will analyze their feedback and wishes, design, prototype, implement and continually improve the actual database and a new smart and simple web interface.

This position offers the motivated and creative individual exposure to latest web and database development tools (LightSwitch 2011 or equivalent), and an opportunity to see immediate results of your work in a practical and challenging business environment.

•Studying toward a bachelor in computer science •Good knowledge of Microsoft Office, database, web business applications •Experience with Visual studio and Windows SQL, web development tools

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