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US-CA-Watsonville: Senior Software Developer

Date: _19-Apr-2012_
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Senior Software Developer

Seeks a Senior Software Developer responsible for researching and developing advanced technologies, creating state-of-the-art lossless data compression solutions, algorithmic optimization, preparation of invention disclosures for patent submission, perform advanced technology analysis and prepare engineering and executive summaries. The position requires a Masterís degree or higher, or foreign equivalent, in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Technical Sciences, Computer Science or a related field. The position also requires at least 5 years experience in the job offered or experience totaling at least 5 years in one or a combination of the following positions: Software Developer, Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer or related position. The 5 years of experience must include developing advanced algorithms, algorithmic optimization and working with lossless data compression. Experience must also include working with C/C++ programming language, Visual C++, GCC, XCode, Windows, Unix, and Mac OS X. Employer will accept any suitable combination of education, training or experience.

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