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US-Vienna: .Net Developer

Date: _03-Feb-2012_
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.Net Developer

* Design, develop, and modify Microsoft ASP.NET applications, C# .NET components, Web Services, and Enterprise Services components

* Design logical and physical data models to drive application architecture while considering infrastructure capability and limitations, operating time, and form of desired results

* Design, develop, and maintain Microsoft SQL database schemas and scripts, including views, triggers and stored procedures

* Deploy .Net systems to various pre-production and production environments and troubleshoot related issues

* Analyze design and architectural issues, and adjust existing system design and procedures to solve problems in a dynamic environment

* Create technical documentation such as design and specification documents, software architecture documents, and user instructions

* Regularly communicate project progress, issues, and risks to project manager

* Readily accept responsibility and demonstrate ability to work independently and in a team environment as judged by peers and management

* BA/BS Computer Science or related field

* Experience with iPhone/iPad development a plus

* Expertise in designing and implementing n-tier architectures. Proven experience in developing high-performance and secure web-based systems and system Integration, preferably in large-scale enterprise projects

* Proficiency in C# .NET, .NET Framework, Web Services, Enterprise Services, ASP.NET and ADO .Net

* Strong knowledge of COM, COM+ Components & Objects, .Net Remoting, Remote Data Objects (RDO)

* Hands-on experience with ASP to ASP.Net conversion, classic ASP, query optimization, XML (usage, parsing, and creation), SOAP, XSLT, JavaScript, CSS, XHTML, DHTML, and jQuery

* Expertise in object oriented analysis / design, and design patterns

* Solid UML and object modeling skills

* Strong knowledge of the Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS platform, with proven database design (OLAP and OLTP) skills and knowledge of data integration concepts

* Experience with LDAP and Active Directory

* Aptitude to learn and understand changes in software development process, procedures and methodologies

* Experience with Microsoft SharePoint Portal and Windows SharePoint services a plus

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