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US: Senior Systems Engineer

Date: _04-Jan-2012_
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Senior Systems Engineer

* Design, configure, implement and support computer/server/networking hardware and software solutions * Identify opportunities to enhance, improve and use new ideas and technologies within the environment * Perform routine systems startup and shutdown procedures, and maintain control records * Plan, coordinate and implement: physical, virtual, and storage infrastructures * Troubleshoot intricate network and systems issues in a 24/7, mission critical network environment * Provide technology consulting to external customers and internal project teams * Provide tier 3 technical support - assist and provide technical lead on system and infrastructure issues * Prepare, construct and deliver formal and informal presentations to illustrate ideas, solutions and issues

* Advanced understanding of networking equipment, configuration, network security practices, and procedures * Ability to configure and troubleshoot perimeter security controls * Capable of installing, configuring and maintaining all current versions of Microsoft Server products in a networked environment * Ability to work at a detailed level and be able to keep track of network inventories and related documentation * Load Balancers * CompTIA Security+ * CompTIA Network+ * Cisco ASA Firewall * Windows 2003/2008 Server Operating Systems

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