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US-MI-Okemos: Software Engineer

Date: _07-Dec-2011_
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Software Engineer

* Develop web-based enterprise applications using Java/J2EE with common frameworks/technologies and generally accepted design patterns; * Write quality code supported by automated testing; * Design and document solutions, working with team members, product management, and customers; * Research and provide recommendations on technologies; and * Participate in continually improving our development process and software within an agile development team.

* Possesses good oral and written communication skills; * Contributes to a positive team environment; * Enjoys finding and implementing solutions to new challenges; * Sets goals and focuses on results; * Proactively asks questions and learns about our products; * Effectively multi-tasks and adapts to change; * Quickly picks up and applies new technologies; and * Works well within an agile development team.

* Strong object-oriented programming skills * Adept with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript * Experience working as a team member on a non-trivial development project * Enthusiastic in driving process change and improvement * Passionate about software development and devoted to career growth

* Bachelor's degree in computer science/engineering, or equivalent education.

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