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Canada-BC: Software Engineer

Date: _12-Oct-2011_
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Software Engineer

* Fix bugs and deliver quality code within the SW release schedule * Maintain and optimize existing software during life cycle * Implement concepts and features into a logical code structure * Familiar with sound software architecture, modularization, etc * Deliver reliable code and fix bugs within schedule, in C/C++ and Linux TCP/IP * Materialize concept and features from team lead into quality code on time * Write quality codes according to the requirements of team lead within the standard of OO, modularization, expandability, readability, interface requirement, and reliability * Work on assigned projects independently and on schedule

* 3 years related experience * Good understanding and design logic in C/C++ * Strong in at least one area of C/C++, TCP/IP and socket, Linux API, STL * Experience and solid knowledge in HTTP, DNS, Relational Database, PHP, web is a plus * Self-motivated and a team player with a positive attitude * Receptive to ideas and assignments from team lead * Ability to adapt to new tools/platforms/libs/etc. as may be required by the project within a reasonable timeline * Ability to collaborate with team members

Educational Requirements Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or a related field

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