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US-NY-NewYork: Microsoft Windows developer

Date: _06-Sep-2011_
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Microsoft Windows developer

Looking for a senior Microsoft Windows developer to play a leading role in the design and engineering of the next generation of Bloomberg integration platforms and services. Our development teams build desktop products and supporting infrastructure that integrate client software with our data and services. The role provides excellent opportunities for the successful candidate to have responsibility for all stages of the software development process, exercise his/her leadership skills, work with clients & other stakeholders and build a deeper understanding of our customers and the financial markets.


-5+ years designing and building successful Windows products. -Strong OOD/OOP skills, and experience applying modern design patterns. -Experienced with C++ Development. -Experience with .NET architecture (CLR, GC, and C# programming). -Experience with .NET UI platforms (WinForms and WPF). -Experience with high-performance multi-threading in Win32 and .NET. -Working knowledge of COM, ATL and STL. -Ability to estimate, plan, lead and execute complex technical projects

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