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US: Senior Development Engineer

Date: _11-Aug-2011_
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Senior Development Engineer

* Test and refine concepts * Develop analytical test methods and build measurement equipment * Interact with customers to refine product prototypes * Generate product specifications from system level specifications * Verify performance to specifications * Ensure reliability of product * Generate prototypes for customers, marketing * Prior experience launching products and working with customers in the flat panel display industry * In-depth understanding of backlight design, LED light sources, backlight measurements, reliability testing for backlights * Familiarity with defect classification and fitness for use in backlight displays * Electronics understanding at a level to understand backlight driving schemes and power efficiency * Ability to program in C++, Labview and Matlab * Understanding of basic optics principles * Experience in designing and building analytical test instrumentation, preferably optical * Experience with automation, automating measurements * Self directed and motivated, ability to work well in a cross-functional setting * Hands-on type person * Basic understanding of statistics * Familiarity with product development process * Color science experience * Experience with electronics circuit design * Mechanical dexterity

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