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INDIA-Bangalore:IP Protocols Software Engineer

Date: _01-Apr-2011_
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Software Engineer - IP Protocols

* Design and development of IP software subsystem

* Work with customers to ensure their satisfaction with IP related features. * BSCS or equivalent with 5 - 8 yrs of experience in developing software for carrier grade IP networking products using IPv4 or IPv6. * Experience with developing routing protocols like OSPF, BGP RIP etc. for highly scalable systems. * Experience with developing IP FIB/RIB modules. * Experience in mentoring junior engineers and performing technical leader role. * Experience with tunneling protocols such as GRE, IP-IP or L2TP. * Experience with developing Mobile IP or MobileIPv6. * Experience in developing routing protocols for IPv6, MPLS. * Experience in embedded development environments like QNX, linux, VxWorks. * Expertise in C language programming * Previous experience developing software in a startup environment * Strong team player, can-do attitude * Strong product and customer orientation * Worked on QNX microkernel * Prior work with IP Infusion software

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