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US-MA: UI Application Architect

Date: _28-Mar-2011_
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UI Application Architect

* Design, improve, maintain, and support the development of Rich Web User Interfaces that adhere to modern usability and accessibility standards using Open Source technologies. * Develop workflows, wireframes, and mockups to conceptualize and communicate UI design strategies * Define patterns and advocate for consistency across the suite of applications * Provide mentorship, coordination, and guidance for UI designers and developers

* Excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS with experience supporting multiple web-browser implementations * Excellent knowledge of JavaScript and modern, open source, UI frameworks; in particular, YUI and jQuery * Knowledge of GWT and related technologies, e.g. SmartGWT * Extremely good in programming. Thorough knowledge of and extensive programming experience in Java and JavaScript; additional programming skills are an advantage * More than 7 years of experience working in the industry, or academia, on related topics * Experience with mobile UI is considered a plus but is not required * Experience with a global team is a plus * Excellent analytical and communication skills

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