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US-TX-Austin: CPP Software Engineer

Date: _10-Jan-2011_
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Software Engineer - C++/C#, SQL Server, and HTML

• Create a program design from requirement specifications.

• Analyze design specifications to detect flaws in logic and estimate implementation effort.

• Develop new software according to design specifications.

• Unit test software to ensure high quality deliverables to our Quality Assurance team.

• Perform maintenance and modification to software programs currently in production.

• Trouble-shoot issues found by customers in the field as well as those found in-house.

• Document all work products, including new code, defect-fixes, and processes.

• Establish areas of expertise within the system.

• Assist others in the design and development of coding methodologies and development processes.

• Provide direction, advice, and focus to a team, workgroup, and individuals.

• Produce a quality product that helps our customers who do good things, do them even better.

• And complete any tasks needed to enhance the overall operation and “Get Things Done”.


• Bachelor’s degree in computer science/engineering is preferred

• Proficiency with C++/C#, SQL Server, and HTML.

• Significant knowledge of client server architectures.

• Experience with MFC, ADO, COM, and the n-Tier architecture.

• Understand the how, when and why of coding and design standards.

• Demonstrate good analytical, problem solving skills.

• Demonstrate methodical approach and attention to detail.

• Demonstrate initiative and the ability to work both independently and be fully engaged within a team to solve problems and complete tasks.

• Ability to organize, manage multiple priorities, and meet commitments within a project schedule.

• Excellent interpersonal skills.

• Effective verbal and written communication skills.

• Must be intellectually honest.

• Must demonstrate the passion and capability to continuously acquire more knowledge. a.k.a. Curiosity.

• Commitment to company values.

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