View "console.log()" Output in Playground


How to view "console.log()" Output in Hyperledger Composer Playground?



If you use "console.log()" to print out debug information in your transaction process functions, you can follow this tutorial to see the "console.log()" in Hyperledger Composer Playground.

1. Add the following CTO modeling file to your business network:

/* models/hello.cto
 * Copyright (c)

namespace com.fyicenter.hyperledger.hello

transaction Hello {
  o String name default="World"

2. Add the following JavaScript scripting file to your business network:

/* lib/hello.js
 * Copyright (c)

/* @transaction
 * @param {com.fyicenter.hyperledger.hello.Hello} req
function helloProcessor(req) {
  console.log("Hello ""!");

3. Deploy the modified business network to the Composer Playground.

4. Click F12 to open the browser developer panel.

5. Click "Console" tab in the developer panel.

6. Click "Test" tab and "Submit Transaction" button in the browser panel.

7. Select "Hello" Transaction Type and enter the following transaction request input message:

  "$class": "com.fyicenter.hyperledger.hello.Hello",
  "name": "Tom"

8. View the "Console" tab in the developer panel. You the "consol.log()" output: "Hello Tom!".

View console.log() Output in Playground


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