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Top Level Structure of XHTML 1.0 Documents
What is the Top Level Structure of an XHTML 1.0 Document? The top level structure of a XHTML 1.0 document consists of three parts: XML processing instruction - Provides XML version information and character set declaration. Document type declaration - Provides the document type and version informati...
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What Is an HTML Element?
What Is an HTML Element? An HTML element is the basic building block of an HTML document. An HTML element has the following features: An HTML element must have a name. An HTML element may have zero or more attributes. An HTML element may or may not have any content. Here is a good example of an HTML...
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Who Developed XHTML 1.0?
Who Developed XHTML? XHTML was developed by W3C HTML Working Group with Steven Pemberton as the group chair.   ⇒ Number of Tags Defined in XHTML 1.0? ⇐ What Is XHTML 1.0? ⇑ Introduction of XHTML 1.0 ⇑⇑ HTML Tutorials
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XHTML 1.0 Document Types
How Many Document Types Defined in XHTML 1.0? There are only 3 document types are defined in XHTML 1.0: 1. Strict type: Only allow non-deprecated and non-frameset XHTML elements in this type. Strict type should be declared as below: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "ht...
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Number of Tags Defined in XHTML 1.0?
How Many Tags Are Defined in XHTML 1.0? There are 77 tags defined in XHTML 1.0: a abbr acronym address area b base bdo big blockquote body br button caption cite code col colgroup dd del dfn div dl dt em fieldset form h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 head hr html i img input ins kbd label legend li link map meta n...
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Validating XHTML 1.0 Documents Online
How To Validate XHTML 1.0 Documents Online? If you have just finished a new XHTML document, and you want to make sure that confirms with the XHTML specification, you can use the XHTML online validator at http://validator.w3.org/ . There are 3 ways you can use this validator: By URL - Specify the URL...
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HTML Tag and Attribute Syntax
Where to find tutorials of introduction to HTML tag and attribute Syntax? Here is a list of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by FYIcenter.com team in introduction to HTML tag and attribute Syntax. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on XHTML elements, openi...
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Tools for Writing XHTML 1.0 Documents
What Tools can I Use to Write XHTML 1.0 Documents? The basic tool you need to write XHTML documents is any text editor, like notepad on Windows system, or vi on Unix system. If you are looking for some advanced tools to help you writing XHTML documents, you can select any one from the following thre...
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Smallest Valid XHTML 1.0 Document
What is a Smallest Valid XHTML 1.0 Document? If you are interested to see the smallest, but valid, XHTML document, look at this one: <?xml version="1.0" ?> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/D TD/xhtml1-strict.dtd">&l...
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Tools for Viewing XHTML 1.0 Documents
What Tools can I Use to View XHTML Documents? The basic tool you need to view XHTML documents is any Web browser, like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE) or Mozilla FireFox. The following tutorial shows you how to view a XHTML document with : Write an XHTML document and save it as hello.html. Run...
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Attributes Required by HTML Elements
What Is a Required Attribute in an HTML element? A required attribute is an attribute required by the HTML element. When you write an HTML element, you must include all attributes required by this element in the opening tag. Optional attributes can be omitted in the opening tag. Here are some exampl...
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Quoting HTML Element Attribute Values
How To Quote Element Attribute Values Properly? You know that attribute values must be quoted. But how to attribute values properly? Here are some basic rules you should remember: An attribute value must be quoted. An attribute value can be quoted with double quotes as "...". An attribute value can ...
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Attribute Name Case Sensitive
Is Attribute Name Case Sensitive? Yes, XHTML attribute names are case sensitive. You must write all attribute names in lower case letters. Here are some valid and invalid attribute names: <a href="http://dev.fyicenter.com ">- Valid attribute name. <a HREF="http://dev.fyicenter.c.. .
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Ampersand Sign in HTML Attribute Values
How To Write Ampersand Sign in Attribute Values? If you need enter an ampersand sign in an attribute value, you can not enter it directly. You must replace it with entity: &. Here are some interesting examples of quoted attribute values: <img src="tt.gif" alt="Tutorials &a...
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Predefined HTML Attribute Values
What Are Predefined Attribute Values for an HTML attribute? Some HTML attributes have predefined values. If an attribute has predefined values, you must use one of the predefined values. For example, attribute "valign" of element "td" has 4 predefined values "baseline", "bottom", "middle", and "top"...
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HTML 'p' Tag/Element
What Is an HTML "p" Tag/Element? A "p" element is a block level element that can be used directly as a sub-element in the body element. You can use "p" elements to specify paragraphs of text and in-line elements. Here are basic rules about p elements: "p" elements are mixed content elements. "p" ele...
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HTML 'body' Element Attributes
What Attributes Are Allowed in the HTML Body Element? XHTML 1.0 strict version does not allow some attributes that were commonly used in early versions of HTML specification. For example: "background" can be used to specify a background image, and "bgcolor" can be used to specify the background colo...
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Mixing Images with Text in a Paragraph in HTML
Can I Mix Images with Text in a Paragraph? Yes. "img" elements are in-line elements. You can use "img" elements to mix images with text in any paragraph defined by a "p" element'. Below is a good tutorial example of image mixed with text: <?xml version="1.0" ?> <!DOCTYPE html PU...
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HTML 'body' Sub-Elements
What Elements Are Allowed as Body Sub-Elements? The content model of the body element is sub-element only. Character data is not allowed as body element's content. You can only enter sub elements inside the body element. But not all elements can be entered inside the body element. Strict HTML docume...
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Incorrect HTML 'body' Elements
What Is Wrong with My HTML "body" Elements? If you are having trouble with your body elements, it could be caused by one of the following common mistakes: <!-- Text can not be used in body directly --> <body> Hello world! </body> <!-- "title" is not a...
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Controlling Line Breaks in a Paragraph in HTML
How To Control Line Breaks in a Paragraph? By default line breaks within a paragraph are controlled by the browser. Lines will be wrapped at the right edge of the display area of the paragraph. If you want to force a line break in middle of a line, you can use the "br" elements. Below is a good tuto...
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Highlight Part of a Paragraph in HTML
How To Highlight One Part of a Paragraph? If you want to highlight one part of a paragraph, you can use the "strong" element with the "p" element. Below is a good tutorial example of using "strong" elements: <?xml version="1.0" ?> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Str...
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Getting Extra Space between Paragraphs in HTML
How To Get Extra Space between Paragraphs? By default, browsers will give a predefined white space between two paragraphs. But if you want some extra white space between two paragraphs, you can enter an extra paragraph with a   entity. Note that a true empty paragraph will not give any ...
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HTML 'pre' Tag/Element
What Is a "pre" Tag/Element? A pre element is a block level element that can be used directly as a sub-element in the body element. You can use pre elements to specify blocks of pre-formatted text with white space characters preserved. Here are basic rules about pre elements: "pre" elements are mixe...
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