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Where to find tutorials on RSS specifications? I want to learn it to describe my API services.



Here is a large collection of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by team about RSS specification:

Introduction of RSS

What Is RSS (Rich Site Summary)

What Is the Relation between RSS and XML

Versions of RSS Specifications

Real RSS XML Examples

Icon for RSS Syndication

MIME Type Definition for RSS Files

Download RSS Specification

RSS specifications

RSS Document Structure

RSS "channel" Element

RSS "channel/image" Element

RSS "channel/textInput" Element

RSS "channel/item" Element

HTML Tags in RSS "channel/item/description"

Protect XML Special Characters in RSS Feeds

RSS 2.0 XML Schema at

Using RSS Tools

RSS Online Validator at

RSS Validation Errors at

View RSS Feeds with IE (Internet Explorer)

Subscribe to RSS Feeds with IE

Google Chrome Showing RSS Feeds as XML

Install RSS Subscription Extension for Chrome

View RSS Feeds with Chrome Extension

View RSS Feeds with Mozilla Firefox

Introduction of Atom

What Is Atom Syndication Format

Real Atom XML Examples

Icon for Atom Syndication

MIME Type Definition for Atom Files

Atom Syndication Feed File

Write Minimum Atom 1.0 Feed File

Install Atom Feed on Website

Link Atom Feed to Web Pages

Firefox "live bookmark" Icon

Download Atom Specification - RFC 4287

Differences between RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0

Atom Better than RSS

Atom Specification - RFC 4287

Atom Document Structure

Atom Feed Files Are XML Documents

Atom Element Types: "feed" and "entry"

Atom "feed" Element

Atom "feed/id" Element

Atom "feed/title" Element

Atom "feed/subtitle" Element

Atom "feed/link" Element

Atom "feed/updated" Element

Atom "feed/author" Element

Atom "feed/category" Element

Atom "feed/entry" Element

Atom "feed/entry/link" Element

Atom "feed/entry/title" Element

Atom "feed/entry/summary" Element

HTML Tags in Atom "feed/entry/summary"

DTD for Atom XML Files

Atom XML Schema at

Using Atom Tools

Atom Online Validators

Atom Online Validator at

Atom Validation Errors at

View Atom Feeds with IE (Internet Explorer)

Google Chrome Showing Atom Feeds as XML

View Atom Feeds with Chrome Extension

View Atom Feeds with Mozilla Firefox

Tools to Create Atom Feed Files

RSS and Atom Readers and Aggregators

What Is RSS and Atom Aggregator

RSS and Atom Aggregator on Windows

RSS and Atom Aggregator - FeedReader

RSS and Atom Aggregator - BlogBridge

RSS and Atom Aggregator - Liferea

Online RSS and Atom Aggregators

Create "Add to Google Reader" Button

Create "Add to My Yahoo" Button

Create "Add to Bloglines" Button

Create "Add to NewsGator" Button

Create "Add to Netvibes" Button

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Introduction of RSS

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