Atom "feed/title" Element


What is the Atom "feed/title" element? How To Generate a "feed/title" element?



The <title> element is a required sub-element of the <feed> element. The title element should contain a short but human readable title of the feed document. You should follow the same rules on Web page title elements to generate your Atom feed title elements.

One strategy is to use the same title as the Web page that your Atom feed is based on. For example, if your Web site provides a Web page for the most popular FAQ entries for Webmasters. That Web page has a title called: "The Most Popular FAQ Entries for Webmasters". Now you want to generate an Atom feed for that Web page. Obviously, you should the same title as that page:

 <title>The Most Popular FAQ Entries for Webmasters</title>


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Atom Specification - RFC 4287

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