Padding an Array with a Given Value in PHP


How To Pad an Array with the Same Value Multiple Times in PHP?



If you want to add the same value multiple times to the end or beginning of an array, you can use the array_pad($array, $new_size, $value) function. If the second argument, $new_size, is positive, it will pad to the end of the array. If negative, it will pad to the beginning of the array. If the absolute value of $new_size if not greater than the current size of the array, no padding takes place. Here is a PHP script on how to use array_pad():

$array = array("Zero"=>"PHP", "One"=>"Perl", "Two"=>"Java");
$array = array_pad($array, 6, ">>");
$array = array_pad($array, -8, "---");
print(join(",", array_values($array)));

This script will print:



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