CTO Language Primitive Data Types


What are CTO Language Primitive Data Types?

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CTO Language Primitive Data Types built-in system data types that you can use them to build new data types Currently, there are 6 primitive data types supported:

  • String - Represets a string of Unicode characters.
  • Double - Represets a double precision (64-bit) numeric value.
  • Integer - Represets a 32-bit signed whole number.
  • Long - Represets a 64-bit signed whole number.
  • DateTime - Represets an ISO-8601 compatible time instance.
  • Boolean - Represets a Boolean value, either true or false.

Here is an example CTO file, models/order.cto, showing how Primitive Data Types can be used to declare an "asset" data type:

/* Copyright (c) FYIcenter.com

namespace com.fyicenter.hyperledger.order

asset Order identified by orderId {
  o String orderId
  o String product default='Alice\'s Adventures in Wonderland'
  o Integer quantity default=1
  o Double price default=99.99
  o DateTime expiration default='2099-12-31T23:59:59.999999+05:30'
  o Boolean isTaxable default=true
  o Long serialNumber default=999999999

Notice that literals of "String" and "DateTime" types must be quoted as "..." or '...'.


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