Variables Are Passed by Values in PHP


How Variables Are Passed Through Arguments? in PHP?



Like more of other programming languages, variables are passed through arguments by values, not by references. That means when a variable is passed as an argument, a copy of the value will be passed into the function. Modifying that copy inside the function will not impact the original copy. Here is a PHP script on passing variables by values:

function swap($a, $b) {
  $t = $a; 
  $a = $b;
  $b = $t;
$x = "PHP";
$y = "JSP";
print("Before swapping: $x, $y\n");
swap($x, $y);
print("After swapping: $x, $y\n");

This script will print:

Before swapping: PHP, JSP
After swapping: PHP, JSP

As you can see, original variables were not affected.


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