Moving Uploaded Files to Permanent Directory in PHP


How To Move Uploaded Files To Permanent Directory in PHP?



PHP stores uploaded files in a temporary directory with temporary file names. You must move uploaded files to a permanent directory, if you want to keep them permanently. PHP offers the move_uploaded_file() to help you moving uploaded files. The example script, processing_uploaded_files.php, below shows a good example:

  $file = '\fyicenter\images\fyicenter.logo';
  move_uploaded_file($_FILES['fyicenter_logo']['tmp_name'], $file);
  print("File uploaded: ".$file."\n");

Note that you need to change the permanent directory, "\fyicenter\images\", used in this script to something else on your Web server. If your Web server is provided by a Web hosting company, you may need to ask them which directories you can use to store files.

If you copy both scripts, logo_upload.php and processing_uploaded_files.php, to your Web server, you can try them to upload an image file to your Web server.


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