C++ Console Application with Visual Studio 2017


How to write a C++ console application with Visual Studio 2017?

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A console application runs in a Windows command console without any graphical user interface. You can follow tutorial to write your first new console application in C++ with Visual Studio 2017.

1. Start Visual Studio 2017 with Visual C++ development environment.

2. Click "File > New > Project" menu.

3. Select the project type as "Win32 Console Application",

4. Enter the following project name and location:

Name: Hello-Project
Location: c:\fyicenter\vc2017\Projects
Solution name: Hello-Solution

5. Click "OK" and follow the Win32 Application Wizard to finish creating the project.

6. Enter the following C++ code in the Hello-Project.cpp file created by Visual Studio.

// Hello-Project.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.
#include "stdafx.h"
#include <iostream>  
using namespace std;

int main() {
  cout << "Hello World!";
  return 0;


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