Hyperledger Composer Log File Location


Where are Hyperledger Composer Log Files located?

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Log files of the Hyperledger Composer developer environment is located in the "~/.composer/logs" directory.

$ cd ~/.composer/logs

$ ls -l
-rw-rw-r-- 1 fyicenter  2257 Mar 31 19:49 trace_20190331.log
-rw-rw-r-- 1 fyicenter 10482 Apr  1 13:05 trace_20190401.log

Hyperledger Composer uses standard logging levels of INFO, WARN, ERROR, etc. to control what messages are generated in the log file. For example:

$ more trace_20190401.log

2019-04-01T15:39:50.126Z INFO    :LoadModule               :loadModule()
      Loading composer-wallet-filesystem from /usr/local/lib/node_modules
      /composer-playground/node_modules/composer-wallet-filesystem {}$
2019-04-01T15:39:50.201Z INFO    :PlaygroundAPI            :createServer()
      Playground API started on port 8080 {}$
2019-04-01T15:40:20.779Z INFO    :PlaygroundAPI            :createServer()
      Client with ID 'FviU4Kr0jIttvxb6AAAA' on host '::ffff:' 
      connected {}$
2019-04-01T16:01:55.758Z WARN    :HLFConnection            :_connectToEventHubs()
      event hub localhost:7051 failed to connect: 14 UNAVAILABLE: EOF {}$
2019-04-01T16:01:56.294Z ERROR   :HLFConnectionManager     :fabric-client()
      [client-utils.js]: sendPeersProposal - Promise is rejected: Error: 14 


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