Build Hyperledger Fabric from Source Code


How to Build Hyperledger Fabric from source code on Ubuntu?



You can follow this tutorial to Build Hyperledger Fabric binary code from source code on Ubuntu.

$ export GOPATH=$HOME/go
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ make dist-clean all

...You can take a coffee break, because it may take some time...

Sending build context to Docker daemon  191.2MB
Step 1/24 : ARG GO_VER
Step 2/24 : ARG ALPINE_VER
Step 3/24 : FROM alpine:${ALPINE_VER} as base
Step 24/24 : CMD ["peer","node","start"]
 ---> Running in 60b44482054d
Removing intermediate container 60b44482054d
 ---> 8f3fb50f79a6
Successfully built 8f3fb50f79a6
Successfully tagged hyperledger/fabric-peer:latest

Sending build context to Docker daemon  191.2MB
Step 1/21 : ARG GO_VER
Step 2/21 : ARG ALPINE_VER
Step 3/21 : FROM alpine:${ALPINE_VER} as base
Binary available as .build/bin/orderer
Step 21/21 : CMD ["orderer"]
 ---> Running in 062c5a40777f
Removing intermediate container 062c5a40777f
 ---> 286e95994dbd
Successfully built 286e95994dbd
Successfully tagged hyperledger/fabric-orderer:latest

Sending build context to Docker daemon  3.072kB
Step 1/6 : ARG GO_VER
Step 3/6 : FROM alpine:${ALPINE_VER} as base
Step 6/6 : USER chaincode
 ---> Using cache
 ---> 74f2c3d2a2df
Successfully built 74f2c3d2a2df
Successfully tagged hyperledger/fabric-baseos:latest

Sending build context to Docker daemon  191.2MB
Step 1/14 : ARG GO_VER
Step 2/14 : ARG ALPINE_VER
Step 3/14 : FROM golang:${GO_VER}-alpine${ALPINE_VER} as shim
Step 14/14 : USER chaincode
 ---> Running in d9a15e7e44f5
Removing intermediate container d9a15e7e44f5
 ---> 6e002b790015
Successfully built 6e002b790015
Successfully tagged hyperledger/fabric-ccenv:latest

Sending build context to Docker daemon  191.2MB
Step 1/12 : ARG GO_VER
Step 2/12 : ARG ALPINE_VER
Step 3/12 : FROM golang:${GO_VER}-alpine${ALPINE_VER} as golang
Step 12/12 : ENV GOCACHE "/tmp"
 ---> Running in d60a6640292a
Removing intermediate container d60a6640292a
 ---> a697f522f35b
Successfully built a697f522f35b
Successfully tagged hyperledger/fabric-buildenv:latest

Sending build context to Docker daemon  191.2MB
Step 1/15 : ARG GO_VER
Step 2/15 : ARG ALPINE_VER
Step 3/15 : FROM golang:${GO_VER}-alpine as golang
Step 15/15 : COPY --from=tools /go/src/ ${FABRIC_CFG_PATH}
 ---> 76000dad6b8e
Successfully built 76000dad6b8e
Successfully tagged hyperledger/fabric-tools:latest

All files are excluded from having license headers
Checking changed go files for spelling errors ...
xargs: misspell: No such file or directory
spell checker passed
Checking trailing spaces ...
DEP: Checking for dependency issues..
 version     : v0.5.1
 build date  : 2019-04-06
 git hash    :
 go version  : go1.11.5
 go compiler : gc
 platform    : linux/amd64
 features    : ImportDuringSolve=false
# out of sync, but ignored, due to noverify in Gopkg.toml: 
   hash of vendored tree not equal to digest in Gopkg.lock
LINT: Running code checks..
Checking with gofmt
Checking with goimports
Checking for
Checking with go vet
METRICS: Checking for outdated reference documentation..
docker pull hyperledger/fabric-couchdb:amd64-0.4.15
amd64-0.4.15: Pulling from hyperledger/fabric-couchdb
34667c7e4631: Pull complete
52cbd2253fea: Pull complete
aeea025ecc4e: Pull complete

ok        0.017s  coverage: 100.0% of statements
ok       33.898s coverage: 89.8% of statements
ok     0.095s  coverage: 68.2% of statements
vendor/ fatal error: ltdl.h: No such file or directory
 #include <ltdl.h>
compilation terminated.
FAIL [build failed]

ok 0.227s  coverage: 93.8% of statements
Makefile:193: recipe for target 'unit-test' failed
make: *** [unit-test] Error 2

Looks good, except some unit tests failed. If you don't want to spend time to fix these compilation issues, you can install Hyperledger Fabric binary package directly.


Install Hyperledger Fabric Binary Package

Download Hyperledger Fabric Source Code

Hyperledger Fabric Environment on Ubuntu

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