Build a Dummy Windows Image


How to do a dummy image from the "microsoft/dotnet-samples" Docker image?



If you want play with the "microsoft/dotnet-samples" Docker image, you should build a dummy Docker image using it as the base.

1. Create a Dockerfile to define the new image:

C:\fyicenter> type DummyImage
FROM microsoft/dotnet-samples
ENTRYPOINT ["PowerShell", "/help", ""]

2. Build the new image:

C:\fyicenter> docker build --file DummyImage --tag dummy .
Sending build context to Docker daemon  12.87MB
Step 1/2 : FROM microsoft/dotnet-samples
 ---> afca1083bf22
Step 2/2 : ENTRYPOINT ["PowerShell", "/help", ""]
 ---> Running in 4356fe17e203
Removing intermediate container 4356fe17e203
 ---> 23843a8787b6
Successfully built 23843a8787b6
Successfully tagged dummy:latest

3. Run the new image:

C:\fyicenter> docker run --name dummy dummy

PowerShell[.exe] [-PSConsoleFile <file> | -Version <version>]
    [-NoLogo] [-NoExit] [-Sta] [-Mta] [-NoProfile] [-NonInteractive]
    [-InputFormat {Text | XML}] [-OutputFormat {Text | XML}]
    [-WindowStyle <style>] [-EncodedCommand <Base64EncodedCommand>]
    [-ConfigurationName <string>]
    [-File <filePath> <args>] [-ExecutionPolicy <ExecutionPolicy>]
    [-Command { - | <script-block> [-args <arg-array>]
                  | <string> [<CommandParameters>] } ]

PowerShell[.exe] -Help | -? | /?

C:\fyicenter> docker rm dummy

Ok, we are able to build a new image from the "microsoft/dotnet-samples" image and changed the default command to "PowerShell /help".


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