"no matching manifest for windows/amd64" Error


Why am I getting the "no matching manifest for windows/amd64" Error while running "docker pull mcr.microsoft.com/windows:1809"?

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You are getting the "no matching manifest for windows/amd64" Error, because Microsoft did not provide any images to match the CPU architecture of "windows/amd64" of your hosting system.

One solution is to use some alternative images, like microsoft/dotnet-samples.

1. Pull microsoft/dotnet-samples:

C:\fyicenter> docker pull microsoft/dotnet-samples
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from microsoft/dotnet-samples
Digest: sha256:06df3478be0269ceea4005c582780dc68fb9e3488462b193a7b9a2640c3563b3
Status: Downloaded newer image for microsoft/dotnet-samples:latest

2. Review inspect the image configuration:

C:\fyicenter> docker inspect microsoft/dotnet-samples
        "Id": "sha256:afca1083bf22e059e473bbdc90ea4ff1f61adae8901700f92ed6f53ff5582712",
        "RepoTags": [
        "RepoDigests": [
        "Parent": "",
        "Comment": "",
        "Created": "2019-02-13T03:44:22.8952042Z",

Ok, we have find a good Windows Docker image that supports windows/amd64.

If you have trouble to pull any Windows Docker images, go check out this official Website: https://hub.docker.com/_/microsoft-windows-base-os-images.


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