EPUB 3.0 Metadata - dc:creator and dc:contributor Elements


What is EPUB 3.0 Metadata "dc:creator" and "dc:contributor" elements?

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EPUB 3.0 Metadata "dc:creator" and "dc:contributor" are optional metadata elements to specify authors and contributors of the EPUB 3.0 book.

For example, the following two elements specify the author and the illustrator of the book "Adventures of Tom Sawyer":

    <dc:creator>Mark Twain</dc:creator>
    <dc:contributor>True Williams</dc:contributor>

If you want to see an example of "dc:creator" and "dc:contributor elements, you can download this EPUB 3.0 book, Row-Your-Boat-3.0.epub. Unzip it and open package.opf. You see "dc:creator" and "dc:contributor elements.


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