Add App Secret Keys on Azure AD


How to add a secret key in an app registration on Azure AD?



Secret keys in an app registration on Azure AD are used to authenticate the access token request in the authentication code flow.

You can add a new secret key in your app registration on Azure AD by following these steps:

1. Sign in to the Azure portal with admin permissions.

2. Go back to "Azure Active Directory > default directory > App Registrations (Preview)". You see a list of application IDs.

3. Select and open "OpenID Test". You see a summary of this application ID.

4. Click "Certificates & secrets" from the left menu. You see a list of certificates and a list of secrets for this app.

5. Click "New client secret" button. You see a pop up screen to add new secret key.

6. Enter a name for this new key and click "Add". Azure AD will create a new secret key for you.

7. Copy and paste this new key to your local file immediately. It will become hidden after your closes the screen.

You can create multiple secret keys. And use one for each integration with Azure AD using the authentication code flow.


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