Azure AD v2 Authentication Request Test Page


How to build an Azure AD 2.0 Authentication Request Test page?



The Authentication Request is the first call to the Azure AD service. You can build a simple Web form page to test different behavior of the Authentication Request.

Here is an example, Azure-AD-2-Authentication-Request-Test.html:

<html><body><h3>Azure AD Authentication Request Test</h3>
<form method="GET" 
client_id: <input size="80" name="client_id"
redirect_uri: <input size="80" name="redirect_uri"
scope: <input name="scope" value="openid"><br/>
response_type: <input name="response_type" value="id_token"><br/>
response_mode: <input name="response_mode" value="form_post"><br/>
nonce: <input name="nonce" value="xxxxxx"><br/>
state: <input name="state" value="yyyyyy"><br/>
prompt: <input name="prompt" value="consent"><br/>
<input type="Submit" name="Submit" value="Submit"><br/>

Upload this page to your Web server, and view it from a Web browser, you see the test form displayed:

Azure AD - OpenID Connect Test Page
Azure AD - OpenID Connect Test Page

You can enter your own client_id, redirect_uri and other parameters to try it.


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