Uninstall Chaincode on BYFN Peers


How to uninstall chaincodes on BYFN Peers?

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Unfortunately, the BYFN CLI "peer chaincode" command does offer any option to uninstall chaincodes from a given peer.

You have two options when your chaincodes from different peers are out of sync or incompatible:

1. Destroy chaincode instance and re-install chaincode on all peers.

  • Stop the chaincode container running on the Docker engine.
  • Remove the chaincode container image from the Docker engine. The chaincode instance data will be gone.
  • Re-install the chaincode on all peers.
  • Instantiate the chaincode from one peer.

2. Upgrade chaincode instance to the next version to fix the issue.

  • Install the chaincode as a new version on all peers with the same chaincode source code.
  • Upgrade the chaincode instance to the new version from one peer.


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