View Logs Files of basic-network


How to view logs files of the example network, basic-network?



The example network, basic-network, consists of 4 Docker containers. You can view the log file on each container.

1. View log file of the orderer container:

$ docker logs
[orderer.common.server] prettyPrintStruct -> INFO 002 Orderer config values:
   General.LedgerType = "file"
   General.ListenAddress = ""
   General.ListenPort = 7050
   General.TLS.Enabled = false
   General.TLS.PrivateKey = "/etc/hyperledger/fabric/tls/server.key"
   General.TLS.Certificate = "/etc/hyperledger/fabric/tls/server.crt"
   General.TLS.RootCAs = [/etc/hyperledger/fabric/tls/ca.crt]

2. View log file of the CA server container:

$ docker logs
Created default configuration file at \
Starting server in home directory: /etc/hyperledger/fabric-ca-server
Server Version: 1.4.1
Key file location: /etc/hyperledger/fabric-ca-server-config/4239aa0dcd76daee..._sk
Certificate file location: /etc/hyperledger/fabric-ca-server-config/
Initialized sqlite3 database at /etc/hyperledger/fabric-ca-server/fabric-ca-server.db
Operation Server Listening on
Listening on

3. View log file of the peer container:

$ docker logs
[nodeCmd] serve -> INFO 001 Starting peer:
 Version: 1.4.1
 Commit SHA: 87074a7
 Go version: go1.11.5
 OS/Arch: linux/amd64
  Base Image Version: 0.4.15
  Base Docker Namespace: hyperledger
  Base Docker Label: org.hyperledger.fabric
  Docker Namespace: hyperledger
[ledgermgmt] initialize -> INFO 002 Initializing ledger mgmt

4. View log file of the DB server container:

$ docker logs couchdb
WARNING: CouchDB is running in Admin Party mode.
         This will allow anyone with access to the
         CouchDB port to access your database. In
         Docker's default configuration, this is
         effectively any other container on the same
         Use "-e COUCHDB_USER=admin -e COUCHDB_PASSWORD=password"
         to set it in "docker run".
nonode@nohost -------- Application couch_log started on node nonode@nohost
nonode@nohost -------- Application folsom started on node nonode@nohost


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