Objectives of WYFA tutorials


What are the objectives of WYFA (Writing Your First Application) tutorials?

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Objectives of WYFA (Writing Your First Application) tutorials provided at hyperledger-fabric.readthedocs.io Website are:

1. Setting up a development environment. Our application needs a network to interact with, so we’ll get a basic network our smart contracts and application will use.

2. Learning about a sample smart contract, FabCar. We use a smart contract written in JavaScript. We’ll inspect the smart contract to learn about the transactions within them, and how they are used by applications to query and update the ledger.

3. Develop a sample application which uses FabCar. Our application will use the FabCar smart contract to query and update car assets on the ledger. We’ll get into the code of the apps and the transactions they create, including querying a car, querying a range of cars, and creating a new car.

Source code files for this tutorial is included in the fabric-samples package. Please see previous tutorials how to download the fabric-samples package.

Note that you should finish "basic-network Sample Network" tutorials before continuing with these tutorials, because it uses the basic-network Hyperledger Fabric network.


Clean Up Docker Engine for WYFA

WYFA (Writing Your First Application)

WYFA (Writing Your First Application)

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