Reinstall Chaincode on WYFA Network


How to Reinstall Chaincode on the WYFA (Writing Your First Application) network?



You can follow these steps to Reinstall Chaincode on the WYFA (Writing Your First Application) network.

1. Try to install "fabcar" chaincode again. You may see an error, if the chaincode is already installed.

$ docker exec -it cli bash

bash-4.4# export CC_SRC_PATH=/opt/gopath/src/
bash-4.4# peer chaincode install -n fabcar -v 1.0 -p "$CC_SRC_PATH" -l node

Error: install failed with status: 500 - error installing chaincode code 
fabcar:1.0(chaincode /var/hyperledger/production/chaincodes/fabcar.1.0 

2. Reinstall "fabcar" chaincode:

bash-4.4# peer chaincode instantiate -o -C mychannel \
   -n fabcar -l node -v 1.0 -c '{"Args":[]}' -P "OR ('Org1MSP.member','Org2MSP.member')"
Error: could not assemble transaction, err proposal response was not 
successful, error code 500, msg error starting container: error starting 
container: Failed to generate platform-specific docker build: Failed to 
pull hyperledger/fabric-nodeenv:latest: API error (404): manifest for 
hyperledger/fabric-nodeenv:latest not found

Ok, we got the same error as the script.

See next tutorial on how to resolve the issue.


"fabric-nodeenv:latest not found" Error

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