Verify Blockchain on the Channel


How to Verify Blockchain on the Channel?



Since all transactions (changes of assets managed by chaincodes) are stored in the blockchain shared by all peers of the channel, you can use the "peer channel" CLI command to look at them.

1. Connect to CLI container:

$ docker exec -it cli bash
root@262918fdcbc0:/opt/gopath/src/ cd

2. Get blockchain information of the channel:

root@262918fdcbc0:~# peer channel getinfo -c mychannel
[channelCmd] InitCmdFactory -> INFO 001 Endorser and orderer connections initialized
Blockchain info: {"height":5,"currentBlockHash":"LEA0YQbIFIL/MdR+ii2Z4SrYSqaYs6lYpRDDSzjhe7U=",

We have 6 blocks in the blockchain.

3. Fetch the last block:

root@262918fdcbc0:~# peer channel fetch newest ./newest.block -c mychannel
root@262918fdcbc0:~# ls -l
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5815 Apr  1 16:43 newest.block

See next tutorial on how to parse the content of a block file.


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