Create PaperNet Log Console


How to Create PaperNet Log Console using the "logspout" command?



If you are the administrator from MagnetoCorp and want to Create Log Console to monitor PaperNet Hyperledger Fabric network, you can follow this tutorial.

1. Create a new terminal window and run the script under the magnetocorp sub-directory. It runs the logspout command:

(log console)$ cd ~/hyperledger-binaries/fabric-samples
(log console)$ cd commercial-paper/organization/magnetocorp/configuration/cli/
(log console)$ ./ net_basic

Starting monitoring on all containers on the network net_basic
...| /opt/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1333|*gossipServiceImpl).acceptMessages| /opt/gopath/src/|runtime.goexit

If you see some log messages related, it's a leftover from previous tutorials. You can stop those containers manually.

Leave this log console terminal window running, so you can monitor the log messages.


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