Objectives of commercial-paper Tutorials


What are the objectives of commercial-paper Hyperledger Fabric network tutorials?

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Objectives of commercial-paper Hyperledger Fabric network tutorials provided at hyperledger-fabric.readthedocs.io Website are:

1. Show you how to install and use a commercial paper sample application and smart contract. It is a task-oriented topic, so it emphasizes procedures above concepts.

2. Build PaperNet, a Hyperledger Fabric network of two organizations, MagnetoCorp and DigiBank. The network allows them to trade commercial paper with each other.
Commercial Paper Sample Network

3. Act as Isabella, an employee of MagnetoCorp, who will issue a commercial paper on its behalf. You'll then switch hats to take the role of Balaji, an employee of DigiBank, who will buy this commercial paper, hold it for a period of time, and then redeem it with MagnetoCorp for a small profit.

Source code files for this tutorial is included in the fabric-samples package. Please see previous tutorials how to download the fabric-samples package.

Note that you should finish "basic-network Sample Network" tutorials before continuing with these tutorials, because it uses the basic-network Hyperledger Fabric network.


Start basic-network for PaperNet

commercial-paper Sample Network

commercial-paper Sample Network

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